Human Defined Services – Storage provisioning case study

Storage provisioning case studyCase study #1

DBAs and system administrators complained that storage provisioning takes too long. Storage administrator decided to find the answer for the key question “How to decrease the provisioning time?”

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Balanced data visualization

Smart diagramsDiagrams are needed to transfer new information to the audience in visual form. All graphics consist of both real data and decoration.

How to balance data and decarations on diagrams?

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Style guide

Service design style guideAs an urban planning or design of consumers’ goods, IT architecture can be elegant or ugly, functional or wasteful. It can tell us, “Our organization is very pragmatic” or vise verse “We have too much money to spend them smartly”. Different people with their preferences, visions and practical reasons usually form the architecture over the years. Is it possible to keep and control the beautiful style of architecture for a long time?

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Value flow diagram

Flow diagrams

In IT every person plays two roles – Provider and Consumer. For example application administrator provide users’ access to the application. At the same time, he consumes services provided by DBAs, system, network and storage administrators. And so on… It’s a chain.

Value flow illustrates dependencies between Consumers and Providers in the chain of service delivery process. It defines what job has to be done on each chain link, reveal qualitative and quantitative metrics for sub-services’ success and describe incoming services.

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