s3_toaster script v0.2 is available

s3_toasterThat is the tiny Python script to test ECS S3 access. 

The script is provided as is and available here: s3_toaster_v02.zip

The script is based on boto3 Python module which considerable simplifies access to AWS based services.

Parameters of the script to play:

  • S3 access ports – http 9020/ https 9021 for direct ECS access and whatever you want in case of Load Balancing appliance
  • Number of nodes used, IPs – in case of LB only one need is used, IP of the 1st node points to the LB appliance
  • S3 credentials – ECS object user and its secret key
  • SSL access – enabled/disabled, certificate
  • Random or Round Robin distribution – can be used with direct (no LB) access
  • Name, number and size of test files and corresponding bucket – test bucket is created, test files are stored and immediately deleted

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