ViPR with VNX and VPLEX Run Book

ViPR VNX and VPLEXIn the document I share the real experience of working with ViPR Controller in VNX + VPLEX environment.

The document is here: vipr-vnx-and-vplex.pdf


1. Infrastructure covered by the ViPR Controller
2. VNX Distributed volume provisioning to a host
2.1. Configuration
2.2. ViPR view
2.3. VNX view
2.4. VPLEX view
3. Export HA leg of VNX Distributed volume to a host
3.1. Configuration
3.2. Different pathing characteristics
3.3. Same pathing characteristics
4. Migrate VNX volume under VPLEX
4.1. Source VPool and volume
4.2. Target VPool
4.3. ViPR view
4.4. VNX and VPLEX views
5. Migrate VPLEX Local to Distributed
5.1. Source VPool
5.2. Target VPool
5.3. ViPR view
5.4. VNX view
5.5. VPLEX view
5.6. Change Auto-tiering policy
5.7. VNX view (before)
5.8. Target VPool
5.9. ViPR view
5.10. VNX view (after)

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