ECS Community Edition Multi-node installation

ECS Community EditionI created this document to keep track of my experimental installation of ECS Community Edition (March 2016). It is based on the official installation instructions from but contains more details and comments for specific commands’ output and description of mistakes I made and errors I got.


The document is here: ecs-multi-node-installation_160407.pdf


  1. References

  2. CentOS preparation

2.1. Virtual machines

2.2. Install additional packages

2.3. Install SSL certificate

2.4. Check disk and eth interface

  1. Install ECS

3.1. Installation script

3.2. Check reboot persistence

3.3. Problems I met during the installation

3.3.1. Problem with DockerCommandLineFlags

3.3.2. Problem with argparse

3.3.3. Problem DNS

3.3.4. Problem with SSL certificate

3.3.5. Problem with authentication server

  1. Configure ECS

4.1. Login

4.2. License

4.3. Storage Group, VDC and Replication Group

4.1. Add management user

4.2. Create namespace

4.3. Add object user

4.4. Create bucket

  1. Check data access

5.1. S3 protocol

5.2. Atmos protocol

5.3. Swift protocol

  1. Appendix

6.1. Configure network in CentOS

6.2. Create VMware template in CentOS

6.3. Add new disk to CentOS

6.4. Extend a disk in CentOS

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