Infrastructure assessments cookbook: ingredients, techniques, and secret sauces

Infrastructure assessments cookbook Vasily PantyukhinInfrastructure assessments are usually implemented as a complex project and require considerable effort and time. The key point for such projects is a methodology; a clear explanation of all aspects of data collection, analysis, and interpretation of results is crucial.

The full article written in 2012 and published here:

There are three main types of infrastructure assessments: Micro, Macro, and Pointed. In the article , I cover all of the most important development stages of each of these assessment methodologies. I consider structured problem statement, as well as high and low level design and also explores common evaluation, transformation, and classification methods of different types of quantitative and qualitative data. Description of project delivery phases is oriented on best practice approaches. Comprehensive examples of different assessments in storage environment help to clarify the entire methodology development process from beginning to end.

While the article doesn’t give you ready-to-use universal recipes, it attempts to describe how to develop your own assessments using essential data collection and analysis ingredients. Also, the article offers advice on how to apply ‘secret sauces’ of valuable presentation techniques that highlight results in your final report.

Infrastructure assessments cookbook



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