CloudBoost integration with ECS part 1

CloudBoost and ECSIn that post I’ll discuss how to integrate backup solution based on CloudBoost with ECS.

I’ll skip details how to install and configure CloudBoost. Just major steps briefly:

  • Deploy CloudBoost .ova
  • Access the CB console screen with vSphere Client (default password is “password”)
  • Specify a new password
  • Configure IP
admin@mag-fs> ip-address static <address> netmask <address> gateway <address>
  • Configure DNS
admin@mag-fs> dns set primary <address>
admin@mag-fs> dns set secondary <address>
  • Configure Hostname
admin@mag-fs> fqdn <fully qualified domain name>
  • Verify your configuration
admin@mag-fs> status


  • Next we need to login to GUI with https://<CB IP>:4444 URL. admin/<password we assigned>.
  • Configure Cloud Storage Profile


Cause I don’t have access to ECS now, I decided to use ECS Test Drive ( CB requires S3 credentials for ECS.


On a real ECS, user name and corresponding S3 secret should be retrieved.


  • Select EMC ECS Appliance as a Cloud Storage Provider and specify S3 credentials.


  • Cloud Storage Profile is successfully configured.


  • Lets check what is there with S3 Browser? First, we need to configure S3 account.


  • Next I created a new bucket.



  • I tried to specify the empty bucket for a CB sytem backup.


  • For some reason I got an error.


  • OK, I’ll keep the container name empty.


  • External access can be enabled in GUI or later via CLI in a console.


  • With S3 Browser we can see that mag-xxx bucket was created.


Part 2 is here

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