Principles of Design Diagramming

Design diagrammingPlease read the Principles of Design Diagramming by Vasily Pantyukhin

This article is focused on the methods to accelerate and improve the process of diagram development.

Modern enterprise IT infrastructure consists of an enormous number of objects described by tremendous amount of characteristics. Connections and interdependencies between them are complicated. Therefore, designers of IT solutions must consider and handle a massive amount of information.

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That information has to be analyzed, and results should be presented to the stakeholders. Usually, these are quite heavy tasks. Of course, to increase quality and speed of data investigation and representation, designers use different tools.
The diagram is one of the most efficient and proven tools.

As is true of every instrument, diagrams have to be used smart. Unfortunately, the potential of this incredibly helpful tool often is not used to its fullest. Even more, poor diagrams confuse the designer and customers or require too much effort to understand. Consequently, benefits can be significantly reduced.

I the article I establish the fundamental principles of efficient diagramming. Among these principles, I do:

  • describe the difference between exploratory and explanatory diagramming
  • discuss different information presentation options
  • consider methods of objects’ unity and variations
The article is awarded as the Best of Architecture in the 
2015 Knowledge Sharing Competition.

Readers gain information about how to professionally use diagrams in the context of various tasks.
The principles, techniques, and tricks described in the article are proven by the years of actual project design. That is why examples related to that powerful but complex product illustrate the article.

The article is most relevant to IT architects, pre-sales consultants, and other professionals involved in solutions development and presentation.

Principles of Design Diagramming by Vasily Pantyukhin

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