ViPR Controller graph

ViPR Controller graphViPR CController configuration consists of dozens different entities. They are connected and interdependent very complicated ways. I decided to check if it is possible to draw the whole picture in one diagram. After several tries, I found that graph diagrams best suited for that purposes.

I got the most important ViPR Controller entities and created 73 nodes. To simplify the task, Data Services and Objects are not considered in the experiment, sorry.
Directed edges represent the main structure of ViPR in perspective of its configuration. Undirected edges represent any other types of node-to-node relations. In total 225 edges in the graph.

ViPR Controller graph 1
The diagram is not explanatory but exploratory. It doesn’t present any idea but allows discovering things you want.

For example, you can see all types of Physical Assets…

ViPR Controller graph 2
…or check the way to configure VMAX Storage Array…

ViPR Controller graph 3
…or find all entities related to VArrays…

ViPR Controller graph 4
…or explore whatever you want…

ViPR Controller graph 5
…or just enjoy the peace of art

ViPR Controller graph 6

The graph:

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