Human Defined Services – Storage provisioning case study

Storage provisioning case studyCase study #1

DBAs and system administrators complained that storage provisioning takes too long. Storage administrator decided to find the answer for the key question “How to decrease the provisioning time?”

--> Heuristoic tools

That is User-centric .

Explore  Job statement is more specific: “Decrease time to provision storage to 1 hour “ Check the Outcome-driven services post.

Service description
Consumer DBA and system administrators
Stakeholders John Smith – manager of DB administration team
Cathy Black – manager of system administration team
Job statement Decrease time to provision storage to 1 hour
Provider Storage administrator
Service objective Implement solution to decrease block and file provisioning
Deliverables Implemented solution
Scope EMC and NetApp disk arrays in the main Data Center

Regular service  Service classified as Regular.

Push service  Disk arrays already purchased, so this is Push resource.

Asynchronous communication  Requests for storage provisioning sent via email. That is Asynchronous communication.

Simple  Procedure for storage provisioning is straightforward and clear. That is Simple Cynefin domain.

Service initial characteristics
Initial characteristics
Type of service Regular
Resource delivery Push
Communication Asynchronous
Touchpoints Human-Human
Cynefin domain Simple

That is User-centric .

ComplicatedCreate  Storage administrator discussed possibility to optimize storage provisioning with EMC experts. They advised to implement the ViPR solution. DBAs and system administrators can provision file and block storage resources by themselves via service catalog. That makes resources Push-Pool.

ViPR service catalog
ViPR service catalog is User-centric

SimpleImplement  New solution allows direct communication with the service catalog. Synchronous communication  That is Synchronous Human-Machine communication.

Service final characteristics
Final characteristics
Type of service Regular
Resource delivery Push-Pool
Communication Synchronous
Touchpoints Human-Machine
Cynefin dynamic Simple -> Complicated -> Simple

Provisioning is very
Sequencing and Evidencing

All execution steps are shown in real time and described in details.

ViPR execution steps
ViPR execution steps are Sequencing and Evidencing
Human Defined Services – Backup solution case study #2 -->

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